मोहाडी ता.डिंडोरी जिल्हा :नाशिक "सेंद्रीय व रेसिड्यु फ्री व्यवस्थापन' या विषयी व्याख्यान

मंगळापुर , संगमनेर,येथे "शेतीची बदलती दिशा विषमुक्त -सेंद्रिय शेती' या विषयी व्याख्यान

अहमदनगर शहरात लक्ष्मी-नारायण मंगल कार्यालय येथे “सेंद्रियव विषमुक्त शेती शाश्वत शेतीच्या वाटा’ या विषयी व्याख्यान

आत्मा विभाग सातारा जिल्हा येथे “सेंद्रिय शेती प्रमाणीकरण’ या विषयी व्याख्यान

“रोमीफ’ रेसिड्यु फ्री ऑरगेनिक मिशन इंडिया फेडरेशन (रोमीफ) चा पहीला आंतराष्ट्रीय करार काठमांडु येथे झाला

“कोल्हेवाडी’ येथे “क्रुषिपरिसंवाद’ आयोजित केला होता यावेळी “सेंद्रिय शेती व शाश्वत आरोग्य' या विषयी व्याख्यान

Residue Free Organic Mission India Federation
(Revolutionary steps towards health, environment, and sustainable agriculture.)

This group is operating since past two years or more and is active and connected through social media’s WhatsApp group named as “Global Organic movement”. It is the evidence of genuine hard efforts taken with sincere and noble intentions by Dr. Prashant Naikwadi. He took the initiative with the help of some social reformers, social organizations, Certification agencies, agricultural professors, people associated with organic & Residue free farming like farmers, producers, Technical person, entrepreneurs, vendors, consumers, and students.This all Experts in organic field have started “Global Organic Movement” and have organised jointly with state council “State level first Organic Tribal Farmers council” in Akole Tehsil in Ahemadnagar’s tribal area in Maharashtra State

Latest Update
Feb 23-24
state level conference